Program Highlights for Nov 30 – Dec 6

Evenings on channel 8, we’ll be showing renown Celtic fiddler Henneke Cassel, in a concert recorded at the First Parish Church of Stow and Acton on November 15th. We’ll also be replaying a show recorded last year at the library on the effects of climate change called “Sandy’s Sister is Coming to Town”, afternoons on channel 8.

We have a new edition of “Eat Well Be Happy” from Acton TV, and are continuing to show the interview with Rep. Jim McGovern on the Tennessee Pipeline.

For the season, we’ll be reairing a holiday concert by the Nashaway Philharmonic from 2013.

And the town is running a full slate of meetings on channel 99.
Program Highlights for Nov 23 – 29

This week on Bolton Access TV’s channel 8, at 6 pm most evenings, we run an interview with Congressman Jim McGovern on the proposed Tennessee Gas pipeline project through northern MA and Bolton. Watch to find out where he stands on the issue.

We also have two short features on the history of our neighboring town, Stow. “Ruckus in Gleasondale” and “The Haunted Brick House” were produced by by our friends Lew Halprin and Jonathan Daisy from Stow TV. And a new episode of “Childrens Corner” premiers on channel 8 at 8:30 each morning.