Program Highlights for July 27 – Aug 2

New this week on channel 8 we feature a concert from Nara Park in Acton, performed by a quartet from the Indian Hill Orchestra. It was preempted last week by the Conservation Trust meeting on 715 Main Street, which is still showing on channel 8. We also have a new episode of “The Codfather”, with John and Joe showing how to cook a delicious salmon, scallop, and roast vegetable dinner.

Another edition of “Mini Trains” continues on 8, and on channel 99 we have three episodes of “Your Federal Government”, this week highlighting the FDA, National Park Service, and Immigration and Customs.

Program Highlights for July 20 – July 26

This week on Bolton Access TV we feature the public meeting held July 16th by the Conservation Trust on alternatives for the house at 715 Main Street. It’s also available on YouTube and Town Hall Streams.

We also have a new edition of “Your Money, Your Life”, on protecting your assets.

We continue our series on channel 99 called “Your Federal Government”, this week featuring NOAA, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.