Program Highlights for February 7 – February 13

“Greeting from Fort Devens”, airing in Channel 8, explores the history of Fort Devens from its establishment as a training camp in 1918 through to its partial closure in 1996. The Fort Devens Museum is located in Devens, and is open to the public. Also airing on Channel 8, “Municipal Electricity Aggregation” is a way for cities and towns to help their residents achieve stable and competitive electricity rates. This program was produced by the Massachusetts Climate Action Network to educate viewers on the benefits of providing more renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


All government meetings are also available on the internet. Follow the links on the right side of the page. Town committee meetings are available on Town Hall Streams and School meetings are on our YouTube channel.


Program Highlights for January 31 – February 6

“The Mass Factor”, airing on Channel 8, is a series in which host Todd Feinburg interviews guests about issues important to Massachusetts. In this episode, Ted Bauer, Director of Workforce Development Strategies for Mass Manufacturing Extension Partnership, provides an eye-opening conversation about the state of manufacturing in Massachusetts. Also airing on Channel 8, “Money Talk” hosted Jack Bevilacqua, is a series that provides financial information which is helpful to everyone. In this episode, guest Phil Davis CPA discusses choosing a tax professional.