Program Highlights for Apr 19 – Apr 25

On channel 8, Bolton’s firemen discuss Fire Safety and personnel from Worcester Medical Reserve Corps explain Emergency Preparedness at the Bolton Senior Center. This event was organized by the Friends of Bolton Seniors and produced by Bolton Access TV.

On channel 99, see the latest Selectmen, Advisory, Planning Board, Conservation Commission, and Economic Development Committee meetings. Also aired are Tri-Town, School Committee, and NRHS Space Needs meetings. All meetings are also available online through our webpage.


Program Highlights for Apr 12 – Apr 18

There is much to learn this week from the programs on Channel 8. The Childrens Corner series continues with a program all about Sweet Maple Syrup. Eat Well Be Happy teaches how to cook some “Warming, Cool Weather Meals”. Learn all about “Air Masses” on Weathering the Weather with Ed. Planetary Calendar, which gives the astrological forecast for April, is airing. Meet first Lieutenant Dan Hovanesian from the US Marine Corps on A Veterans Story. Organized by the Friends of Bolton Seniors, Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety are discussed at the Bolton Senior Center.