Program Highlights for Mar 01 – Mar 07

On channel 8 we are featuring a new series, “A Taste of Theatre” where one scene of their play is discussed with the writer of the play. Cast member are also interviewed and original music from the play is also focused on. That scene is then performed. Also the documentary, “A Day in the Sun”, which highlights the emergence of the arts as an economic and community development strategy in York, Pennsylvania. Although this program takes place in PA, it is relevant to almost any town in the US who looks to the Arts as a change agent. We would love to hear what you think of these programs.


Program Highlights for Feb 22 – Feb 28

A new episode of “Eat Well Be Happy” a cooking show from Debra’s Natural Gourmet features cooking with whole “grains” on channel 8. “Travel With A Sense of Place” is a new series that features different places around the country. Southeast Alaska is explored in this episode.

Channel 99 is airing the latest Tri-Town meeting filmed in Lancaster on February 12. Also the last School Committee meeting that featured the budget discussion is airing.